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Make a Referral

Reach out to us and give us a call! Anyone can call or email us for general information, consultation or to get some help!  You can reach us at 905-570-8888 or

Referral Information and Forms

Anyone can refer a child/youth to Contact Hamilton for services and supports if they have appropriate consent to do so.

You, or someone on your behalf, may refer you to Contact Hamilton when there is a worry about mental health and/or developmental needs, FASD and/or Complex Needs.

  • If you are referring a youth aged 16 years of age or older, consent is required from that youth
  • If you are referring a child or youth under the age of 16 years, consent is required from the youth OR from their legal guardian
  • Youth aged 12 years or older can request counselling services without the consent of their guardian if they wish

Families and Youth can self-refer to Contact Hamilton by

Professionals can refer to Contact Hamilton in many ways, depending on the need:

What to Expect

Your call/referral is important to us! 

When you call, email or fax us we will try and respond to you right away to:

  • Provide resources you can use while you are waiting
  • Confirm we have received and accepted your referral

Our team reviews every referral within 1 business day.  In most cases, there will be a wait before a member of the team calls you to discuss your unique situation.  At the time of your first call, we will send you information about resources that you can access immediately.  When we call you back, we will give you the time you need to talk with us and for us to plan the next steps and referrals with you.

Service Recommendations and Referrals

At the time of the call, we will speak with the youth/guardian about the available services and supports that are the best match for the youth. 

The youth over 16 or the guardian will decide what services and supports they wish to explore.

Contact Hamilton will only share information with outside services where consent is provided.

A copy of the recommendations and referrals you agree to will be sent to you.  With consent, we will also share these with other people you wish us to, such as your family doctor.

School Services for Children and Youth

School boards offer supports to students who might be struggling in school with mental health and/or developmental disabilities. Many professionals provide support services, either directly or indirectly to students including classroom teachers, special education teachers, educational assistants, school administrators, special education consultants, special assignment teachers, speech and language consultants, psycho-educational consultants and social workers.

If you are concerned about a student’s wellbeing, a good starting point is talking with the student’s school principal or teacher. The links below provide an overview of the services provided by the school boards.

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